Toque Time Unveiled

The Hot Toddy has been around for ages...some say it originated in Scotland in the early 1800. It was a drink enjoyed before retiring for the night and to help ward off the common cold or the flu.

These days a Hot Toddy is a fabulous post outdoor activity drink like after a day on the slopes or enjoying an outdoor gathering on a winter night. It is also a great holiday party drink and here is what we at Fuse and Sip have done to this traditional cocktail.

We decided to take the Hot Toddy and add a few twists. Playing on the fact that this was once a drink used to remedy feeling a bit under the weather we used some key herbs to take that a step further than simply lemon and honey.

Echinacea is a powerful root that is known for its antioxidants and ability to speed up recovery from a common cold. The wonderful thing about echinacea is it has this great licorice bite with its deep herbal flavour. We added a bit of sweet Sarsaparilla root - the root commonly used to create root beer! Together this dua balance each other well and provide the medicinal feel but then a sweet almost smokey taste. Combine that with tangy lemons and sweet apple and throw in a bit of allspice and poof you have a winter wonderland of cocktails.

A little secret? Toque Time can also be enjoyed on ice and its delicious!

So sip away and feel a bit better about a cocktail with some seriously powerful health kicks!