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Our talents are fierce.

We are two unstoppable strong women who are juggling raising families and starting a business during a pandemic - no big deal. So it should come at no surprise that chose to start up a company that involves drinking.​ ​Monique is our mix-master and fearless drink creator. Not only can she create the perfect cocktail, but she can also explain why the ingredients have some big health benefits! She is passionate about medicinal herbs and is excited to bring these to you in cocktail form. Monique brings a wealth of knowledge from marketing and communications, to 10 years practicing and consulting with clients as a Holistic Nutritionist (RHN). Monique's favorite drink is Some Like It Hot, a lemon, ginger, chili pepper and rosemary infusion. ​Karen is our lover of checklists and spreadsheets. She is an operational event planner who loves to tell everyone about how incredible our product is. With her diverse operational and marketing background in planning large scale events and managing businesses, she's the go to girl to get'er'done and make a mean check-list while doing it. Did I mention she loves a good checklist? Karen's favorite drink is the forger a blueberry, raspberry, elderflower & nettle infusion. ​We have poured (pun intended) our heart and soul into starting this business and we really really really hope you love what we have created.

Fuse & Sip

Fuse and Sip was born to embrace all those juicy moments that are meant to be shared with friends & family.

We are two old friends who met in university and have shared many-a-drink together discussing all of life's juicy topics. 

And on occasion we probably also had one-too-many-a drink-together .... skinny dipping in the ocean at midnight anyone?  

From the boys we liked, to the men we married, to attempting to raise small humans, we have covered it all, usually over drinks - you get the theme here.   

We wanted to create a premium drink that is made with real fruit, herbs and flowers, and is healthy AF, looks beautiful, is packaged and sourced sustainably AND tastes amazeballs.

Fuse and Sip was born to embrace all those juicy moments that are meant to be shared with friends & family.



We created Fuse and Sip with a simple philosophy in mind, to create a beautiful and delicious drink with no artificial flavours, sweeteners, or preservatives using all-natural fruits, flowers, herbs, and sugar.