Fuse & Sip

Enjoy our Bar-worthy Cocktails or Mocktails anywhere

Made with pure dehydrated fruit, herbs, & flowers with organic cane sugar. Just add your favorite alcohol or water and BAM! You're a bartender.

New Drinks!

Aperitivo Spritz infusion kit

We have two new delicious drink infusion kits just in time for the sunny weather.


Nacho Average Spicy Margarita

Summer vibes are calling

Born to embrace life's juicy moments

Just add your favorite alcohol or water and BAM your're a bartender

Bar-worthy cocktails or mocktails you can enjoy anywhere.

Simply add your favorite alcohol or water and BAM you're a bartender!

Fuse and Sip premium drink mixes are handcrafted, contain 100% pure ingredients and are free of any additives.

Our infusion kits contain a mix of dehydrated fruit, herbs, flowers, and organic cane sugar.

Simply add to your favorite alcohol (or water), infuse, top with sparkling water, and enjoy a delicious bar-worthy cocktail or mocktail anywhere.

They are simple, clean and beautiful. A natural cocktail drink mix with health kicks!

Oh, and they taste AMAZEBALLS!

I just love how easy it is to make a drink! With simple delicious all natural ingredients I know exactly what goes into my drink, and it tastes just like any drink at a fancy bar.

Corry P

Fuse and Sip has infused my life with modern delicious fun! I love everything from the beautiful packaging, cheeky and fun names, natural simple ingredients, exquisite taste, simple instructions and variety of flavours suitable for every occasion.

Shannon S

It is such a unique product that elevates every day drinks, adds interest to parties and is fantastic for gifting.

Stacey T

Fuse & Sip Journal


We created Fuse and Sip with a simple philosophy in mind, to create a beautiful and delicious drink with no artificial flavours, sweeteners, or preservatives using all-natural fruits, flowers, herbs, and sugar.