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Just add your favorite alcohol or water and BAM your're a bartender

New Cocktail & Mocktail Blended Drink Kits

Patio season just got WAY easier!


Cocktail & Mocktail Rims

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Instant Infusion Cubes

Enjoy a delicious cocktail or mocktail in an instant

New Garnish!

Rose and Jasmine Garnish

Level up your cocktial or mocktail with our beautiful rose and jasmine garnish

Fuse & Sip

Enjoy our Bar-worthy Cocktails or Mocktails anywhere

Made with pure dehydrated fruit, herbs, & flowers with organic cane sugar. Just add your favorite alcohol or water and BAM! You're a bartender.

Bar-worthy cocktails or mocktails you can enjoy anywhere.

Simply add your favorite alcohol or water and BAM you're a bartender!

Fuse and Sip presents handcrafted cocktails and mocktails made with 100% pure ingredients, free of additives or preservatives.

Our infusion kits, instant infusion cubes, blended drink kits, and rims feature a blend of dehydrated fruits, herbs, flowers, and organic cane sugar.

Just add to your chosen alcohol or water, infuse, add sparkling water, and savor a delightful, bar-quality cocktail or mocktail anywhere.

They're effortlessly elegant and refreshingly natural—a cocktail mix with a healthy twist!

I just love how easy it is to make a drink! With simple delicious all natural ingredients I know exactly what goes into my drink, and it tastes just like any drink at a fancy bar.

Corry P

Fuse and Sip has infused my life with modern delicious fun! I love everything from the beautiful packaging, cheeky and fun names, natural simple ingredients, exquisite taste, simple instructions and variety of flavours suitable for every occasion.

Shannon S

It is such a unique product that elevates every day drinks, adds interest to parties and is fantastic for gifting.

Stacey T