Nacho Average Spicy Kale Salad & Dressing

Kale…I love kale… really really love it.  It is such a nutrient dense food and so versatile. It grows all year, so easy and it goes in everything like smoothies, salads, chips, stews and much mush more! Love it.

So when I was brainstorming a new recipe I just happened to be eating a kale salad and was not super impressed by my salad dressing. To be honest I have been getting really bored of it. Olive oil rubbed into the kale, sea salt and some lemon. Simple easy fast – that is always key…but it needs to be jazzed up a bit!  My taste buds wanted more but had to be simple and fast. I just so happened to be infusing our new cocktail mix at the same time and well…let me introduce you to..

My Nacho Average Spicy Margarita infused salad and dressing!